I recently came across an article titled "Singapore is No. 2 nation with most diabetics: 5 things about diabetes" and realised this information is so important to everyone of us as I write this article.

We not only need to know about this important facts about diabetes, but we must learn how to prevent it.

Most people do not bother much when they are healthy, but by the time their health start to deteriorate, then they start to find solutions, it will be too late. Prevention is always better than cure. In the first place, why should we allow bad things to happen to us when we can actually prevent things from happening?

World Health Organisation (WHO) warn that the number of adults estimated to be living with diabetes nearly quadrupled over 35 years, due to the way people eat, move and live.

Singapore is second highest proportion of diabetics among the developed nations, from report in 2015 by IDF (International Diabetes Federation).

True Facts

Diabetes patients suffer from having too much sugar in the blood. Insulin is very important hormone that helps to control our blood glucose levels.

We must know there are two types of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes is unpreventable and it is genetic. Why it occurs because pancreas does not produce enough insulin naturally in our body.

Type 2 diabetes is due by weight management, mainly caused by lifestyle and habit such as alcohol intake or lack of exercise.

Obese have very high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, caused by blocked or reduced insulin receptors. Over 90 percent of diabetes patients suffer from Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetic patients result to at least 11.1 mmol/l of the blood sugar levels after two hours in oral glucose tolerance test.

Poor control of diabetes can cause blood circulation problems in the body and may form foot ulcers which may require amputation.

Complications of diabetes can result to heart disease, lost of eyesight and even kidney failure.The good news is we can prevent Diabetics if we are serious in taking charge of our life and take good care for our own health. Diabetes can be prevented, at the pre-diabetes stage if we change the way we live and the things we eat.

1) Exercise and weight loss

If we have regular exercise, it leads to increased metabolism. Our muscles adapt to take up more blood sugar,when we have more activity in our body, which lower the blood sugar levels, thus result in reverting to normal glucose levels.

2) Our eating habits

People with Type 2 diabetes can reduce their blood sugar levels by watching their diet, eating with moderation and reduce weight. Carbohydrates are the nutrients that break down to form blood sugar. They are the body's main source of energy. Diabetics are recommended to consume carbohydrates in moderate portions, according to Health Promotion Board.

Meal replacements like low calorie drinks and nutrition bars contain slow releasing and moderate amount of carbohydrates, which will result to keep blood sugar levels constant. Mean replacements also must contain vitamins and minerals.

Avoid taking soft drinks as it contain high levels of sugar. Consuming two or more soft drinks can result to a 30 or 40 percent higher chance of contracting type 2 diabetes.

Space out meals help sugar levels to return to pre-meal levels within 2 hours.

3) Consuming prebiotics and probiotics fibre

Choosing a effective and proven prebiotics and probiotics fibre health supplement is crucial and help to prevent Diabetes and other various form of critical illness.

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