Most women gain a lot of weight during their pregnancy because of their limited knowledge of nutrition.most of them are already weighing more than what they should before they even conceive, and that becomes a strenuous problem after their baby birth when they desire to lose their fats. 

A recent study took place at the University of Turku in Finland by Kirsi Laitinen(nutritionist) proved that taking probiotics during an early stage of pregnancy will prevent Obesity and assist weight loss after birth. To study this Kirsi gathered 256 pregnant women and divided them into a group of 3 during their first trimester. All of them were weighed before the start of the study. 

The first group was given probiotics along with dietary counseling in which doctors gave the recommendation for beneficial weight gain. 

The second group was given dietary counsel too but they received a placebo instead of probiotics. And finally, the third group acted as a control (Dummy) and were not given and dietary counseling or supplements. 

All the groups continued taking the probiotics, placebo, and no supplements respectively. At the end of a period of about 12 months when mothers stopped breastfeeding their babies, they were weighed again. Their waist circumference and skin fold thickness were then measured. 

Abdominal obesity or central obesity is also known as body mass index of 30 or more and weight circumference over 80 centimeters. It was found in 25 percent women who were given probiotics and a regular dietary counsel. 

The group which was given dietary counsel alone received a central obesity of 43 percent and those who didn’t receive any supplements or counseling got a 40 percent of body mass index. 

Fat percentage in average was taken out to be 28 percent in the group taking probiotics, 43 percent who took dietary counseling and 29 percent in the third group. 

Fat belly with abdominal obesity in very unhealthy for mothers health and the women who got probiotics got the lowest of central obesity even after one year after their childbirth.

The results confirmed the supportive behavior of probiotics in reducing belly fat and overall weight loss after birth.

As Kirsi Laitinen said:

"The results of our study, the first to demonstrate the impact of probiotics-supplemented dietary counseling on adiposity, were encouraging.the women who got the probiotics fared year after childbirth, they had the lowest levels of central obesity as well as the lowest body fat percentage. There is growing evidence that this approach might open a new angle of the fight against obesity, either through prevention or treatment".

It is important for pregnancy woman to know that probiotic fibre is important during their pregnancy and can help to prevent obesity after birth.


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