One of our client is consuming our 65FruitieFibre product for a few months now and experienced excellent result throughout the consuming process and given us a good feedback.

After consuming it, she experienced dark colour stools coming out from the body and after a few weeks, she saw layer of oil coming out from the stools, she also noticed her healthy colour stools. This show signs that our pre and probiotics fibre, with the assistance of the friendly bacteria are delivering the job well.

After two months of consumption, she actually experienced bloating after consuming our 65FruitieFibre product, this is a good sign which show that the harmful bacteria are defeating from the battle of the strong friendly bacteria and are dying creating the gas causing the bloating symptom.

Probiotic fibre are responsible for battling the harmful bacteria out from our body and thus giving us a healthy colon.

Are you experiencing bloating when taking probiotics or consuming fermented foods? Indeed, good bacteria can cause gas or a feeling of being bloated.

Are you suffering from bloating and wondering if probiotics might alleviate this? Yes, probiotics are excellent to alleviate bloating.

Does this sound a bit contradictory? Then, please read on; I hope to bring some clarity to the matter.

What is bloating?

Bloating refers to a feeling that your stomach is swollen, full or tight. Bloating might be accompanied by a pain that sometimes can be sharp and mistaken for pain in the appendix, gallbladder or heart. Bloating can be very unpleasant and persistent.

There are many causes for bloating or gas including inflammatory conditions, food sensitivity, gastritis or irritable bowel syndrome. In most cases bloating is caused by the production of gas in the gut. Depending on the location of the gas, the level of pain can vary.

Why some feel bloated after consuming probiotics?

Bloating can cause sharp pain

Probiotic bacteria are active against yeast, harmful bacteria and fungi. When someone introduces probiotics in the form of a supplement or fermented food, harmful microorganisms will start to die. This die-off can create gas and a feeling of being bloated. Especially fungi can create much gas in the gut. However, gas production does not happen quickly. When you have your next meal, gas produced from the previous meal is most often the cause a feeling bloated.

Yeast (like candida) is also a common cause of bloating. For example, people with amalgam fillings in their teeth often have yeast overgrowth in their gut.  Sufferers of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome can also feel bloated when consuming probiotics. Therefore, such ones need to start off very slow with probiotics, perhaps only consuming a small part of a capsule per day or a teaspoon of fermented juice. It can take several weeks or even months before they can slowly increase the amount to one capsule every day.

In any case, bloating or gas is for the great majority of people completely harmless. In most cases it is a positive sign. Why?

Bloating from probiotics a good sign

As stated, bloating means that the gut is filling up with gas. With no immediate way to escape gas creates pressure and this causes a sensation that your stomach is swelling up. For most people this is completely harmless and very common when consuming probiotics.

Therefore, as unpleasant as bloating might be, it usually is a sign that beneficial bacteria are cleaning up your gut from unwanted microorganisms and toxins.

Many studies have confirmed that consuming live and active friendly bacteria regularly can have a profound effect on your health and should not be underestimated. Probiotic bacteria are essential for a well-functioning intestine and consuming fermented foods should be a regular habit.

Bloating after consuming probiotics is, therefore, a symptom of an improved gut environment, a cleansing of the gut from harmful substances. How much gas is produced and how long someone will feel bloated can vary a lot. Much depends on which shape your gut is in.

Your gut is unique

Each person is unique and, therefore, will also have a unique response to probiotics. There are many factors involved as the state of the gut, genetic makeup, the level of stress, eating habits, the presence of yeast and bad bacteria in the gut and so on.

Sometimes bloating can start several weeks after consuming probiotics. Why?

This seems to occur because it takes probiotics some time to transform the environment in your gut to become friendlier and healthier. Many probiotic bacteria lower the pH in your stomach and this is something bad microorganisms don’t like. When this happen harmful microorganisms will start to die off. And bad bacteria don’t die peacefully. This can cause bloating.

For example, for many years, I had problems with my gut. And when I started using probiotics I felt bloated very often. It came and went for a long time. However, I continued taking small amounts of fermented foods until the symptoms gradually disappeared. I got bloated a few times again after that but not as much. Finally, the bloating completely disappeared the gut felt much better. Today I don’t feel bloated no matter how much probiotics I consume. I just tell you this because it is a common scenario for people with gut problems.

Bad bacteria die violently

Reasons for getting bloated includes candida, bacteria, fungi, overeating or ulcers.

The main reason for bloating is that harmful microorganisms die a violent death releasing several powerful toxins. It seems that many harmful microorganisms colonize your gut in groups scattered in different places. When one group is reached by probiotics you consume, they start to die. This seems to be a reason why many symptoms come and go for some time until they subside. Therefore, much will depend on how much bad bacteria you have and how long you’ve had them.

For sufferers of Candida overgrowth, the reaction can be very strong. They need to follow a strict protocol.

Even if you stop taking probiotics, the effect will continue for some time. This is because probiotics create a healthy environment in your digestive tract where good bacteria can thrive. If you have “pockets of resistance” from bad bacteria in your gut, the symptom can come and go for a while until most of the harmful bacteria are gone.

NOTE: if your probiotic supplement contains milk products, it can also cause bloating if you’re unable to digest milk or have an intolerance to it.

In any case, if you get bloated, try lowering the probiotic dose to a level that’s comfortable for you. Once your gut adapts you can gradually increase the dose. Remember too that if you consume much sugar and grains it will feed harmful organisms in your gut as they thrive on carbs. Many who lower their intake of sugar and grains feels that the intestine responds positively. After some weeks, you can try reintroducing grains slowly.

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