Our client, Ms Nora Faiqa recently shared with me about her testimonials after she consumed 65FruitieFibre Probiotics.

She used to have constipation and experienced skin problems (massive skin breakouts) which bothered her very much. She came across our probiotics product and decided to purchase from us to give it a try.

Since 13 Sept 2016, she start to include 65FruitieFibre Probiotics into her regular diet, and now she stop having massive breakouts on her skins and does not have constipation anymore.

Before Consuming 65FruitieFibre Probiotics

Photo Taken Before 13 Sept 2016 (Without Makeup Foundation)

After Consuming 65FruitieFibre Probiotics

Photo Taken On 11 Dec 2016 (Without Makeup Foundation)

She is glad to came across our probiotics product that really works. She used to pile up foundation to cover things up on her face, now she don't put anything on her face and her skin actually looks normal.

She used to buy so many facial products to fix her skin breakout problem and none of them worked until she came across 65FruitieFibre Probiotics.

Research studies has found that Probiotics promote beautiful and healthier skin, since probiotics naturally treat eczema, psoriasis and skin problems.

Our management are happy that our 65FruitieFibre Probiotics helps in building people's health. As we are healthy, the world and wealth belong to us.

Probiotics Singapore - 65FruitieFibre® Pre and Probiotics Fibre Singapore is the most effective weight loss and detox solutions. It will give you frequent bowel movement which is very important to keep you healthy and prevent you from diabetes,  control eczema, prevent skin problems, prevent constipation, prevent colon cancer, prevent parasite infection and all kinds of critical illness, it will also help to reduce high uric acid level in urine.

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