65FruitieFibre Distribution® supply effective Prebiotics And Probiotics Fiber In Singapore, a brand you can trust in providing the most effective results within 6 to 8 hours after consumption. Distributed in Singapore.

Probiotics Singapore - Prevent Diabetes, Prevent Cancer, 100% Vegetarian, Good Manufacturing Practice, Accepted Payment

How does 65FruitieFibre Distribution® Prebiotics and Probiotics helpful to us?

Promotion of digestion and absorption of nutrients
Relief diarrhea and Constipation
Cancer prevention
Diabetes prevention
Relieve flatulence (abdominal discomfort)
Bacterial infection prevention
Improve bowel movement
Reduce cholesterol accumulation
Slow down body and cell aging process
Control Eczema
Improve skin allergy conditions
Perfect solution for cold and flu remedy
Maintain slim body and promote beautiful skin

Breastfeeding & pregnant mothers is safe to consume for detox purposes
Cancer, high blood pressure, diabetic, stroke, asthmatic patients is safe to consume

By including 65FruitieFibre Distribution® Prebiotics and Probiotics Fiber in your daily diet, you will enjoy the following health benefits:

Stronger immune system
Improved digestion
Increased energy from production of vitamin B12
Better breath because probiotics destroy candida
Healthier skin, since probiotics naturally treat eczema and psoriasis
Reduced cold and flu
Healing from leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease
Weight loss

Research studies strongest evidence found the list of prebiotics and probiotics fiber benefits:

Improving digestive function
Boosting immune system
Preventing and treating urinary tract infections
Healing inflammatory bowel conditions
Fighting food-borne illnesses
Managing and preventing eczema in children

Disclaimer: Results may vary for every individual

Looking for a effective and natural detox solution?

Are you looking for natural and effective detox solution? 65FruitieFibre® Distribution Prebiotics and Probiotic fiber is your solution.

It does not cause any side effects as the ingredients are all natural, which contains natural fruits and vegetables which are rich in Vitamin C to promote beautiful skin complexion, no chemical, no preservative and no drug content, thus it is 100% safe for long term consumption.

"65FruitieFibre Distribution® detoxes and provides nutritional needs for your body. Fat build up to protect harmful toxins that build up in our body. Removing the toxins is very important to promote better overall health, to effectively lose weight and maintain a slim and beautiful body.

Reduce toxins to lose weight fast

65FruitieFibre Distribution® aims to be Singapore most trusted brand.

With every orders placed with us, we ensure the highest quality and freshness for each sachet carefully and freshly sealed. Our 65FruitieFibre Distribution® Prebiotics and Probiotics fiber is safe and free from adverse side effects and for long term consumption.

Read what our clients have to say!

After I regularly consume this 65FruitieFibre Distribution® Probiotics fiber product daily, till date I have effectively lose my weight around 7 kg! My blood sugar level reduced to a healthy range too. Highly Recommended!

Mr Jason, 1 Aug 2016

So far 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics is going well for me. It does clear out my skin breakout issue. I stopped having massive breakouts and of course I no longer have constipation. I'm glad I came across this product. I used to pile up foundation to cover things up on my face, now I don't put anything on my face and my skin actually looks normal. I used to buy many facial products to fix the breakout problem and none of them worked until I came across 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics. Very impressed. Will definitely repurchase. Thank you so much for the  excellent service!

Ms Nora Faiqa, 18 Dec 2016

Before having 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics, I always felt bloated, not much appetite and had trouble going to toilet. I tried different type / brand of detox supplements before but the results won't last after 1 box. Chance upon 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics and decided to give it a try. It reduced my bloatedness, surprisingly increased my appetite and it definitely ease my constipation (from 3 - 4 days to 3 - 4 times per day). Even though I didn't lose any weight, I did maintain my current weight while having more meals and late night supper. It is definitely affordable and effective as compared to those on shelf products which cost much more and less effective.

Ms Cecelia Seah, 3 Jan 2017

I'm 44 years old now and I suffered from severe constipation for many years. After taking doctor medicine does not solve my constipation problems. I ever hospitalized before from severe constipation. Thanks to 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics supplement. As for now, I no longer have constipation and fully recovered from servere constipation. I then introduced this product to my friend who is 66 years old. He suffered from severe constipation too for more than 40 years. After taking 65FruitieFibre® Probiotics for less than a month, his constipation problem resolved. My friend and I are indeed very grateful and thankful for this amazing product

Ms Grace Lee, 5 Jan 2017

Disclaimer: Results may vary for every individual

Probiotics Singapore Poster - 65FruitieFibre

Is bifidobacterium longum safe for consumption?

Bifidobacterium longum, as other Bifidobacteria, are on the European QPS (Qualified Presumption of Safety) rundown.Moreover, Bifidobacterium longum can bring about different microorganisms that live in the digestion systems to perform accommodating obligations that they generally wouldn't do. This proposes it can speak with other advantageous microbes to keep us sound. In any case, Bifidobacterium longum does not have any anti-microbial resistances that could possibly be exchanged to other microscopic organisms.

Endless symptoms can be surfaced by an unhealthy colon

Colon DetailsFor centuries, holistic medicine has realized the link between colon health and numerous diseases and illness. Today, modern medicine has began to follow that same belief after countless studies have been done linking an unhealthy colon to a wide array of serious medical problems.

The colon is the main organ in a uniquely designed waste elimination system. The abundance of toxic chemicals that the body comes in contact with on a daily basis end up in the colon waiting to get eliminated. If they can’t be flushed out of the body, they can remain in the colon for years.

One of the first symptoms of an unhealthy colon is frequent or severe constipation. With the colon walls lined with hardened waste matter, the elimination of fecal waste is slowed. The slower the toxic filled waste moves through the colon, the more poisons that are absorbed back into the body and into the bloodstream.

Another symptom can be a constant bloated feeling that causes discomfort. The fermenting waste causes toxic gases that can make you swell and create excess gas. There could be 20 pounds or more of rotting, decaying waste trapped in your colon.

The toxins weaken your body, drain your energy and you may feel constantly fatigued. Nutrients from the foods that you eat are absorbed by the digestive tract, a blocked colon can no longer supply the essential vitamins and nutrients to provide the body with energy.

The toxins will also weaken your immune system and you’ll be more vulnerable to colds, flu and other illness. Studies have now shown that more than half of the bodies immune defenses are located in the colon, an unhealthy colon results in an unhealthy immune system!

With the stress and poisonous toxins that accumulate in your body, headaches can become a common occurrence. You may also begin to have skin problems such as acne and other breakouts. And, often dry skin will become a major problem that just won’t go away.

An over load of toxins in the body may also be the cause of excessive body odors. Sweat glands are another part of the bodies elimination system and as some of the toxins are released through sweat, the smell becomes much stronger.

You may find that even though you have a loss of appetite, you still gain weight or can’t lose any weight. And, the problems with digestion that cause the bloating and gas can often make it painful or too uncomfortable to eat!

Other symptoms include memory loss, inability to concentrate, joint pain, excessive bad breath and even premature aging. And, all of the symptoms that are constantly attacking your body can even bring on bouts with depression.

Left untreated a colon that is overwhelmed with toxic waste can create more serious medical problems like heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Studies now show that around 90% of all illness and disease is directly related to an unhealthy colon.

Studies have also shown that a thorough colon cleansing can reverse many of the symptoms and illnesses associated with a toxic colon. Many times physicians can’t find a cause for the symptoms so the origin goes untreated. You don’t have to let an unhealthy colon control you, you can take control and release your colon of the years of build up that’s poisoning your body.

The Process of Detoxification and Elimination

Colon health and maintain slim body

Healthy Colon vs Unhealthy Colon

If we are healthy, the world belong to us! 

Your health is our top priority

The reason why we make probiotics supplements in sachets is because we have full trust that this is the best approach to have your probiotics. Numerous probiotics yogurt drinks have to a great degree high dosages of sugar which can harm to our wellbeing. Light forms of these beverages regularly contain simulated sweeteners, for example, aspartame and concoction containing poisonous impacts which are unsafe to the human body.

65FruitieFibre Distribution® Prebiotics and Probiotics fiber is rich in nutrient and vitamins and free from simulated sweeteners and frightful added substances. Everyone deserves a good health. Money can't buy good health no matter how much money we have. 65FruitieFibre Distribution® probiotics products are proven to help different people to achieve a healthy lifestyle. If you're searching for a effective prebiotics and probiotics support for bowel calm, detoxification or to maintain a flat stomach, we offer a condition-particular blend of probiotics strains.

Prevention is always better than cure. With our product, the benefits are endless and it will help to keep your colon healthy and your overall health will definitely improve significantly.

FAQ For 65FruitieFibre Probiotics Fibre Singapore

Q: How often and when should I consume the 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber?

Recommended dosage are 2 sachets daily, 1 sachet before breakfast and 1 sachet before bedtime. For constipation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes patients recommended to double the dosage.

Q: What is Probiotics?

Probiotics is a friendly bacteria that has been used safely and effectively for more than 2,000 years. The friendly bacteria Bifidobacterium is beneficial for human health.

Q: Why do I need to consume 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber?

The American Heart Association recommends a good healthy diet that contain 25 to 35 grams of fibre daily. Probiotics fiber plays an important role in improving and substaining a healthy body. Most likely we are only taking less than 15 grams of fibre on our typical diet. That is the reason why all of us need Probiotics Fiber.

Q: How do I consume the 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber?

Pour 1 sachet into a bottle with at least 150 ml of room temperature water or juice, shake well and consume immediately. Please take note, do not use hot water.

Q: Why are some of the 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber powder not soluble in the water?

The Probiotic Fiber powder is rich in fibre and is therefore less soluble in water. There is no need to ensure that all the powder is fully dissolved before consumption.

Q: Why do I get diarrhea after consuming 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber and how long does it take to see the effects?

65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber does not cause diarrhea. The effect varies depending on individuals. To ensure the best results, cut down on food that are high in carbohydrates, sugar and fat, and include some exercise routines. The diarrhea you experienced is the result of Probiotic Fiber clearing excessive oils and extra waste from our intestinal track. After consumed 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber, it takes only 6 to 8 hours to see the effects.

Q: Is there any side effect after consuming 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber?

No. 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotic Fiber is not a medicine, therefore there is no side effect.

Q: Will it cause reliance after prolong consumption of 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber?

No. 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotic Fiber is a natural food without chemicals, artificial colouring and preservatives.

Q: Is 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber suitable for pregnantwomen?

65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber contains natural fruit and vegetable fibre that will not cause anyside effects. However, pregnant women need balanced nutrition and should consult their doctors before consuming any health supplements.

Q: Is it suitable for children?

Yes! For children 1 to 12 years old can consume half a sachet.

Q: Is it suitable for people with gastric problems?

Probiotic Fibre is contents with amazing ingredients that helps to excrete excessive gastric juice and removes unwanted wastes in your colon result in better bowel movement and thus cleanse your colon to create a more balanced digestive system for you.

Q: Can I consume 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber together with other health products or medicines?

Yes. Our product is made of natural fruits and vegetables. Normally after taking food and medicine we also take fruits. Therefore, it is alright to combine and consume with other products or medicines.

Q: How does 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber help people with constipation?

Probiotics Fibre softened the stools and move the bowel. It cleanses the intestines and colon effectively. (Usually the Hospital bill or medical cost is high on colon cleansing for constipation)

Q: Will 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber improve my skin condition?

Yes. Your skin condition improves because the 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber effectively get rid of toxins that are accumulated in the body.

Q: Can it help to reduce obesity?

You have to cut down on food that are high in carbohydrates (half of what you usually intake), sugar and fat, and include some exercise routines. Together with consumption of 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber will help to reduce the fat from the body.

Q: Why do I pass motion more than twice a day after consuming?

The 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber is effectively removing the accumulated toxic waste that has been deposited in your intestinal walls and colon through your bowel activities.

Q: Can I substitute daily serving of vegetables or fruits with 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fibre?

Yes. 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber is extracted from natural fruits.

Q: Is this product approved by HSA?

Our products are classified under AVA food supplement category and therefore do not require any certification or license to sell.

Q: Is it safe to consume 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fibre when a person is sick or with medical condition?

Although our products are safe and do not cause any adverse side effects, any patients on prescribed medication should first consult their doctors before consuming 65FruitieFibre (65果汁纤维) Probiotics Fiber. It does help people with flu or cold.

Q: Is it true that most illness originates from our colon?

Yes. 90% of the critical illness originates from our colon which holds so much toxic waste for decades.


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