Probiotics fibre are live microorganisms which have very good health benefits when consumed. They can be found in fermented foods and supplement like 65FruitieFibre probiotics product.

Probiotics Fibre are Live Microorganisms with very good health benefits

Probiotics fibre promotes digestive health, heart and immune system function etc. There are studies that found out that probiotics does help to lose weight and reduce belly fats too.


Inside our colon, you can find hundreds of different microorganisms inside our digestive system. The majority of them are live bacteria which are friendly. Live friendly bacteria can produce important good nutrients that are benefical to our body, including vitamins B and K.

Live friendly bacteria can also help to break down the fibre that your body cannot digest, convert them into benefical short chain fat acids like butyrate.

You can find two type of good bacteria inside our gut, namely firmicutes and bacteroidetes. Your body weight somehow depend on the balance of these two types of bacteria.

There are studies that found that normal weight people and animal have different gut live bacteria than those obese or overweight.

There are also studies that found out that when the gut live bacteria are extracted from obese mice into the guts of lean mice, the lean mice actually get fat.

All of these studies concluded that live gut bacteria does play a very important role in our weight control.

Bottom Line: You can find many different microorganisms in our colon, most are live bacteria, there are also evidence that proven our good gut bacteria does have powerful effects on our body weight.


How probiotics fibre affect the changes in weight

It is known that certain probiotics fibre might inhibit the absorption of dietary fat, increasing the quantity of fat excreted with body waste.

In other words, they will make you harvest fewer calories from the food you consumed. There are certain live bacteria, like Lactobacillus family, which are known to function in such manner.

Probiotics fibre may help to conquer obesity in other ways:

Release of GLP-1: Probiotics fibre may help release the satiety (appetite-reducing) hormone GLP-1. Increased levels of this hormone may help you burn calories and fat inside your body.

Increase of ANGPTL4: Probiotics fibre may increase levels of the protein ANGPTL4. This may lead to decreased fat storage inside your body.

There are also many evidence that conclude that obesity directly linked to inflammation in our brain. By improving our gut health using probiotics fibre, it may reduce systemic inflammation and thus help to protect against obesity and other critical diseases.

But most of the time, these mechanism are not known to people very well.

Bottom Line: Probiotics fibre does reduce the number of calories your body assorb from the food you consumed. They also affect hormones and proteins which relates to your appetite and storage of fat in your body. They also help to reduce inflammation which can help to fight obesity.


Probiotics fibre can help to lose weight and belly fat

" Studies found that certain strains of Lactobacillus family found in probiotics fibre can help to lose weight and belly fat. 65FruitieFibre probiotics product contain Bifidobacterium which are very benefical to your body and help to fight against obesity. "

In one study have found out that Lactobacillus fermentum or Lactobacillus amylovorus help to reduce our body fat by 3 to 4% in over 6 weeks.

In another study found out that 125 overweight dieters investigated the effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosus supplements on weight maintenance and weight loss.

During a 3 month of study found out that women taking probiotics fibre lost 50% more weight than a group of individuals taking dummy pill (placebo). They also continued to lose wight during the weight maintenance phase throughout the study.


Based on all the probiotics bacteria studied to date, Lactobacillus gasseri shows the most promising results on losing weight. There are numerous studies that found that it has anti-obesity results.

Furthermore, studies have also found out that Japanese adults shown impressive results. One study have found out that 210 people with alot of belly fat. After taking Lactobacillus gasseri for 12 weeks, they reduced fats around organs, reduced body weight, waist size, BMI and hip circumference.

What more surprisingly is that belly fat was reduced by 8.5%. However those who stopped taking probiotics fibre, gained back their belly fats within a month.

Bottom Line: Some strains of Lactobacillus family are proven to reduce belly fat and weight. Lactobacillus gasseri appears to be the most effective strains.


If you want to fight obesity, losing weight is not the only way. Prevention is so much more important as in to prevent the weight from accumulating in the first place.

In one of the 4 weeks study found out that taking a probiotic formulation called VSL#3 reduced weight gain and fat gain on a diet where people overfed by 1000 calories per day.

On this graph you can see how the probiotic group gained significantly less fat:

Probiotics Weight Chart

This findings indicate that some probiotic strains might be effective to prevent weight gain in the context of high calorie diet.

Bottom Line: Certain probiotic strains can be able to prevent weight gain on a high calorie diet.

Probiotics Fibre offer a wide range of health benefits in every individuals. However, the effects on weight loss depend on the probiotics formulation you consumed.

Finding with evidence indicates that Lactobacillus gasseri may help people with obesity lose weight and belly fat. Additionally, a blend of probiotics fibre called VSL#3 may reduce weight gain on a high-calorie diet.

At the end of the day, certain types of probiotics fibre may have modest effects on your weight, especially when combined with a healthy, real food-based diet.

However, there are many other reasons to take a probiotic fibre supplement besides weight loss.

They can improve digestive health, reduce inflammation, improve cardiovascular risk factors and even help fight depression and anxiety.

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