5 Good Habits To Prevent Cancer

Writen By: Billy Chiam 21 Mar / 2016

We should not ignore our daily lifestyle habits no matter how small they are, because many seemingly unimportant little habits are a big key to cancer prevention. Top Japanese surgeon Dr Takaho Watayo who have been studying the effects of diet and treatment in his cancer research for many years, says that as long as you can maintain the following five good lifestyle habits, it well help you to stay away from the threat of cancer.

1. Develop good sleeping habits

Have you ever felt tired and unwell physically and mentally, or unable to focus well due to the lack of sleep? Research has shown that a long term lack of sleep can damage memory and reduces immunity. Thus, to sleep well and to sleep enough is the basic condition to boost the immune system.

Professor Toru of Japan's Nigata University also pointed out that lymphocytes are white blood cells responsible for cancer treatment; there will be a rise in lymphocytes during sleep at night while it will decrease when you are awake during the day; if you suffer from a lack of sleep for a long period of time, it will certainly reduce the lymphocyte quantity, thus leading to a higher rate of cancer.

2. Maintain regular bowel habits

Stools contains a lot of intestinal bacteria and carcinogenic substances, and needs to be excreted immediately, however, when stress or dietary problems lead to constipation, causing the stools to produce nitrosamines and other cancer-causing substances, it is detrimental to the immune system. Besides eating more food with high fibre to promote gastrointestinal motility, you can also occasionally practice fasting so as to maintain good health.

3. Do more lower body exercises

70% of our muscles are concentrated in the lower part of our body, exercising not only strengthens our heart and lung functions, but also promotes blood and lymphatic circulation; however age is a major factor that causes decreased muscle mass, and when one reaches the age of 70, there may be just half of it left. Maintain a regular exercise routine of walking or climbing stairs daily, if you are physically fit enough, try cycling or jogging, and do lots of training to strengthen the muscles of the lower body.

4. Develop regular habits to take a bath in the tub

Many people while maintaining a good body weight and slim figure, can also enhance the body's metabolic rate through a nice hot bath, because a bath is the best method to promote blood circulation and burn calories, other than exercising. People nowadays are more used to bathing in the shower, but an occasional dip in the bathtub not only helps one to slim down, but is also an important factor in improving physical fitness and maintaining good health.

5. Take a deep breath more often

In today's society, people live a busy hectic life and are often in a state of tension, this not only increase the psychological pressure and stress, but is also damaging to your health. When you need to calm down and relax, try to stop and take a deep breath deliberately for one minute, you can feel the effects through the role of the sympathicus and parasympathicus function, as it helps one to relax and sets one at ease, thus leading to a positive impact on your health.

Our colon health will determine our overall health. Thus, with our pre and probiotics fibre, it will give you frequent bowel movement which is very important to keep you healthy and prevent you from cancer.

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